WOOFI aktivitymonitor

Data analysis

The different statistics provide a clear overview over the health conditions of your beloved pet.


Using the myWOOFI smartphone app you can always keep an eye on your dog’s activity.


Your WOOFI fits on all collars thanks to the universal fixing mechanism.

The fitness tracker for dog’s

WOOFI helps to get a better and deeper understanding of your dog, to form a closer and more rewarding relationship. Also WOOFI provides unprecedented insights into the well-being and health of your four-legged friend. Research has shown, that behavioural abnormalities are often directly connected to the activity.


Warning system

If your dog’s activity pattern shows an abnormality, the app will warn you immediately.

Daily target

Reach your individual daily target for an optimal level of exercise for your dog.


Check your dog’s activity with the unique myWOOFI smartphone app at any time.

Install the APP on iOS or Android.



The paw’s diameter measures 39mm and is incredible 12mm thin.

Motion sensor

Thanks to the 3D-accelerometer WOOFI detect even the tiniest movements.


WOOFI is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery and will last several months.

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Our team



“WOOFI is a valuable tool (helps) to monitor dog’s health, ensures the optimum level of activity of the pet and therefore acts diseases preventative”

Daniel Neubert Veterinarian

“WOOFI is very useful tool to control movement of dogs with a medical history, for example hip dysplasia or arthritis.”

Dr. med. vet. Stephan Happe Veterinarian


Do you run a dog school or boarding kennel? Or do you happen to be a vet who is interested in a collaboration of some kind? We are dog owners as well and we always happy to collaborate with and support other dog lovers. We also really appreciate any support from your side, may it be through a Facebook like, a link to our homepage or simply telling your friends about us. We thank everybody who can help and support us in improving the healthy lifestyle of our beloved dogs, and we also hope that WOOFI can contribute to this endeavour.

Who we are

We both grew up and spent all our lives with dogs in our families. That’s why we deeply value the health of our four-legged friends. New technologies inspired us to develop a device that tells us about the activity level of our dog and directly informs about irregularities and changes in behaviour. Many dogs are suffering from obesity and even diabetes. We want a long, happy and healthy life for our dogs. Through a healthy and active lifestyle, we want to maximise our dog’s life expectancy and fill every day with the highest quality of life.



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